Rural Guest House Finca San Lorenzo: Rural Tourism only a ten-minute walk from Santiago´s Cathedral


Finca San Lorenzo is the only rural tourism house with gardens and swimming pool for exlusive use in walking distance to the historic area of Santiago de Compostela. Its amazing location, wedged in the small valley formed by the river Sarela, has remained alien to the urban development of the capital of Galicia, and allowed to retain the rural character of the area, an oasis of nature in an idyllic passage in the heart of the city.

This property known as the Finca San Lorenzo, is separated from the rest of the neighborhood with the same name, which is located in the heart of the historical part of Santiago de Compostela. Ancient stone walls and hedges protect and separate the gardens lush 3,000 m². This area is still called the ¨Corredoira dos Muíños,¨ which means Walk of Mills because it was a place to grind and mill for the city for hundreds of years. In this singular setting you and yours can enjoy an exclusive tranquility and privacy that is difficult to find in any other accommodation in Santiago de Compostela.

Our idea is to combine all the elements of rural tourism such as contact with nature and escape the urban environment in an individual villa, which is very close to Santiago´s historic town, declared world heritage. You can take a nice walk along the river Sarela only a little more than a kilometer from the house. The guest house itself is a mill of XVIII century, which preserves intact its canals, work stones to convert the grain into flour and other items of great ethnographic value that guests can discover during their stay. There is still a traditionally stone raised oven in the kitchen, or the inscriptions and drawings scratched on the chisel with huge stone slabs that form the walls of the house.

With the arrival of industrialization, the traditional milling method was abandoned. For decades the Finca San Lorenzo was outside the urbanism move and developmental changes that were taking place in other areas of the Galician capital thanks to the shelter of oblivion

Today the Finca San Lorenzo is an island of native plants, natural sources of water that spring from the bowels of the earth, fruit, stone stairways and unparalleled river channels. The visitor may forget that they are in a modern city and enjoy a unique environment with a pool under the shade of centuries old oak trees, or if you prefer, leave your car in the large parking area of the house and go walking to Compostela to discover whatever you desire.

The towers stand near the Cathedral, and in less than ten minutes walk our customers effortlessly reach the most beautiful squares in Europe. The Obradoiro, the Quintana, the Platerías, works of art with its stone, its shops, restaurants, crowds of people walking, and the permanent festive atmosphere of its bars and streets are so near the Finca San Lorenzo that many customers forget their car during their entire stay.